Honduras 2014: First Days in Limon

Since my last post we’ve been in Limon now for almost two days.  Sunday morning we began the long and rough drive from Le Ceiba to Limon.  We didn’t have any problems and arrived in the late afternoon, just in time to stop by and see the orphans.

On our way to the new orphanage we stopped by to show some of the new team members the old orphanage to help them get a better perspective on how great their new home truly is.  As always, the old orphanage was overwhelming.  This is the first trip we’ve been on where we’ve seen the children fully moved into the new location.  The children came running out as they saw the vans driving up.  The reunion was sweet to say the least.  Our students were covered with children, hugs, and love.  Hugging these precious ones made the entire process from sign up to fundraising to every step along the way worth it all.

Last night we attended the worship service at the church in Limon where our pastor, David Wike, brought a powerful message about the Armor of God and our mission as the Church.  The church was packed and the Spirit of the Lord was in that place.  Our team really enjoyed seeing the church’s children do their worship dancing.  Molly sang a solo in English, but the message was clear.  Two cultures, three languages, and One God!

Today we headed to our remote clinic at Plan de Flores where our medical team worked for about eight hours seeing over 200 patients.  The clinic was set up in a very small five room school house. Our student team also worked with over a hundred children in Plan de Flores while the the clinic was going on.  Dr. Connor says that a larger portion of the patients today were sick children.  In addition, there was a higher percentage of cases of malaria among these people than in our previous clinics.  The best news today out of the clinic was that Nancy got the opportunity to lead a woman to Christ as she gave her glasses.  Now this lady sees clearly & sees Jesus!

Our students finished out the day by hosting a children’s ministry event for the orphans this afternoon.  We taught Bible lessons, sang songs, made bracelets, and played soccer with the 45 kids at Leonarda’s Home of Hope.

Since I last blogged the cross has been passed from Molly to Marci and from Marci to Ethan.

Continue praying for our team.  We are staying in close quarters during these days in Limon with up to six people per small bedroom, but the team is very flexible and concerned more about helping the people of Honduras than themselves.  I’m very proud of each of our team members.  Everything is going so well!  Continue to pray for us all.


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