Honduras 2014: Homeward Bound

imageAfter leaving our last clinic and saying goodbye to the orphans we headed to Roatan on three tiny airplanes. We’ve spent the last 36 hours or so getting a little rest, playing together as a team in the surf, and debriefing our last ten days of ministry.

It really is hard to put this experience into words. Though I’ve been on dozens of mission trips, each are different. This trip was even different than the Honduras trip this past October. One consistent theme of this Honduras trip vs. the many others that have been taken by Ebenezer is the youth factor. Many long time team members have been telling me how much they’ve enjoyed having all the teenagers. It really has changed the dynamic and the face of this trip. But more so than just having young people, is having a wide range of ages working together for the Kingdom. That’s what makes this team special.

I’ve put a collage of pictures in this post to show each passing of the Tuareg cross so far on this trip. Though not all 39 team members wore the cross, they all showed the light of Christ. What’s amazing to me about these pictures and the way people passed the cross is how many times it was passed from an adult to a teen or a teen to an adult. The students didn’t just keep it among the teenagers. This is the way the church is meant to be…young and old working together being the hands and feet of Jesus.

I finish out these blogs of our trip with this picture because that’s what it’s about…The Cross. For it was on the cross that our debt was paid. It was on the cross that our Jesus Christ gave his life. The ground at the cross is level. American, Honduran, young, old, poor, wealthy…we all need a relationship with God. It’s only through the cross of Christ and his sacrifice that we can be made right with The Lord.

We’re homeward bound in the morning ready to continue being the church in Florence and plan the next time we can work with our brothers and sisters in Honduras.

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