Lev. 1:1 – Lev. 14: 32

This book is one that many people skim over.  Leviticus isn’t the most interesting read, but it is part of the whole Word of the Lord and because of that – it’s important.  These first fourteen chapters deal heavily with how the people of Israel were taught to bring offerings to the Lord and to make atonement for their sin.

As I read this section of scripture this morning I’m struck by how specific the Lord was with the people about their offerings.  The people were told exactly what to bring and how to bring it to offer their best to the Lord.  For example, “If the offering is a burnt offering from the herd, he is to offer a male without defect.” Leviticus 1:3  “When someone brings a grain offering to the Lord, his offering is to be of fine flour. He is to pour oil on it, put incense on it…” Leviticus 2:1 

Can you see how much thought and time must have been taken by the people to bring their best to the Lord?  Do we take this kind of care and put this kind of thought into the tithes and offerings we give the Lord?  These people were told to bring their very best and sacrifice it to the Lord.  They were told to bring their very best meat, grains and oils and give them up. This wasn’t because the Lord needed it.  God doesn’t need anything from us.  They were told to give these things up to remind them of their utter dependence on the Lord.

Today I think we have too much.  We are too “self-sufficient” for our own good.  How often have you been the one in the pew who waited to pull out your wallet till just before the plate passed by your pew?  I know I’m guilty.  How little thought do we put into our offerings?  Yes, salvation isn’t about how much we give to the Lord or how much we work for the Lord…it’s about the finished work of Jesus.  However, our response to such a gift should be to give generously back to the Lord.  We can never out give the Lord. May we take time each week to consider what the Lord has given us and put far more thought into our weekly tithes and offerings.  Don’t wait for the plate to pass you by this week.  Go to the plate with expectation and be prepared to give out of a heart of gratitude.

One Comment on “Lev. 1:1 – Lev. 14: 32

  1. Ok, so I have to be completely honest. When I was reading the specifics of the sacrifices, I was overcome with gratitude for the sacrifice of Jesus. Not that I’m not grateful everyday, but my little brain would never remember the when, what, where of making sacrifices for atonement back then. God and I had a good little chuckle over it in the kitchen over coffee this week! Praise Jesus the veil was torn and we can enter the holy of holies!

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