Lev. 26:27 – Num. 8:14

Guest Blog written by: Rachel Freeman

One thing that we all struggle with is wanting to be in control.  Whether we acknowledge it or not, we all have some sort of idea of how we want things to go.  However, these passages of scripture show us that God also has a plan.  The first thing I noticed during my reading was how detailed God’s instructions were. God didn’t leave it out any information, and He didn’t leave room for suggestions.  God had a set plan, just like He has a set plan for us as well. We hear it all the time that God has a plan for everyone, but I don’t think we ever realize how specialized His plan is for us.  God has an amazing plan and His plan is always greater than our own, and we need to obedient.  We need to be like Moses who never hesitated to follow God’s set plan.

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