1 Sa. 2:30 – 1 Sa. 15:35

Guest Blog written by: Brad Kempson

When the Lord calls out to Samuel, he thinks it is Eli, because Samuel hasn’t heard about the Lord yet. This shows that God doesn’t just speak to people that have strong relationships with him. He can speak to anyone. The Lord wants Samuel to know that he was going to judge Eli and his family because his sons had blasphemed God. When Samuel heard this, he wasn’t upset. He knew it was Gods plan. And the Lord stayed with Samuel as he grew up.

Because the Israelites were sinning against God, when they attacked the Philistines, they were defeated. The Israelites brought the ark of the covenant, and the Philistines took it and were going to take it for their idol Dagon. When they went into the temple, Dagon had fallen. On the second day, Dagon’s head and hands were on the threshold of the temple. The Lord brought destruction and afflicted the people with tumors. The people were afraid so they sent the ark back to the Israelites.

The people wanted a king to rule them so they could be like the other countries. Saul went to find a seer to find donkeys that were missing. He met Samuel and Samuel knew that he was the one God wanted to be the king.

Saul was made king and he rules for Forty two years. He chose an army and fought. Samuel was to come after seven days. When Samuel didn’t come, Saul made burnt offerings.
The army was to leave no Philistine thing alive. The army kept all of the best cattle and other animals alive to use as offerings. This angered God and Samuel.

The lesson we can learn is that God values following him more than giving things to him. He isn’t as concerned with best things…He wants you to follow what he has told you to do.

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