Ne. 1:1 – Ne. 13:14

Guest Blog written by: Brad Kempson

When I was reading today’s verses, I was hit hard with something.  I have just recently gotten over a major obstacle in my faith.  I had felt like my life was broken and that God had left me.  But when I read this, I was hit with love and compassion and realization.

The walls of Jerusalem had been broken down.  I had felt like the walls of my faith and my life has been broken down.  Then, Nehemiah asked the king if he could go to Jerusalem and rebuild the city.  God was with Nehemiah and the king allowed him to go.

He got the supplies he needed with letters from the king. He got to Jerusalem and got people together and started rebuilding the wall. Many people helped rebuild the wall in different places.

This showed me that God puts different people in your life to build you up in different places.  I realized that no matter how bad I felt or how broken, God is with me and I can be built up.  You can too.  No matter what you are facing in life, ask God to be with you, and he will rebuild you…to be stronger and better in your faith.

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