Ps. 69:22 – Ps. 89:13

Guest Blog written by: Molly Watkins

Throughout these verses, God is constantly being praised for all he has done for the Israelites but he is also being called upon.  David feels as if God has turned his back on the Israelites because they are following the ways of the world.  He is pleading with God to protect them from all the awful things that have been happening to them.  He feels abandoned by God, but he refuses to give up.  David has an amazing love for the Lord.  He know God will protect them because he knows God loves them no matter what dumb things they do.

Isn’t that how we can be?  We all know God is with us and we take that for granted until something bad happens.  Then, we call upon him, begging him to protect us.  I know God hears us when we call out but I believe he is trying to teach us.  He isn’t just there when something bad happens in our lives, he is always there watching over us and protecting us.

When I read these verses, a song kept popping up in my head, “I Am Not Alone” by Kari Jobe.  It says, “I am not alone, I am not alone.  You will go before me, you will never leave me.”  Isn’t that so true?!  God is ALWAYS there. Just like David, we should always call upon God and praise him.  We should not take him for granted though.  We are all guilty of it, including myself.  But we are not alone, he goes before making a path for us and he is right there walking down that path with us.

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