Pr. 7:1 – Pr. 20:21

Guest Blog written by: Ethan Pettigrew

In the most impactful decision in the history of man, the sneaky snake, Satan, tricked Adam and Eve in to introducing sin into this world.  And now, all because of their initial mistake, we are forced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year (366 in a leap year) to decide whether we will give into the temptations that sin provides.  Proverbs 9 gives a description of this decision in a passage titled Wisdom versus Foolishness in my Bible.

Starting in verse 1, the writer begins by describing wisdom. He personifies wisdom in the form of a woman that is very self-sufficient.  She brings people in to her home that need wisdom in order to help them.  Wisdom gives them all very good and useful advice.  She tells them that if they call out a wise man on his wrongdoings then he will thank them.  If they point out the wrongdoings of a man that doesn’t care about his actions, however, he will hate them.

Then in verse 13, foolishness is described and it too is personified as a woman.  This woman is buckwild and not smart at all.  Like Wisdom, she invites people lacking in wisdom to her home.  Folly’s advice, however, is awful.  She tells them that the best food is food that has been stolen.

Folly is obviously symbolic of sin.  She does not work hard and knows nothing.  All those who heed her advice end up in hell.
This leaves Wisdom to symbolize godliness.  She is a great worker and is very knowledgeable.  The advice that she gives to her guests is beneficial.

It is apparent that we should try to be like Wisdom constantly.  This task, however is not one that we can achieve. Like we’ll read in Romans, we have all sinned and therefore fall short of God’s glory.  We’ve all sinned and we’re all going to continue to sin.  As humans we sin so often that you’ve probably sinned since you began reading, I know I have in the time it’s taken me to write this.

This fact of life doesn’t mean we should just stop trying to not sin though.  In fact, it means the exact opposite.  We still have to constantly strive to be like Jesus Christ.  And along our journey we need to be ready and willing to help those who need it.  The tricky part about that, though, is those who need our help won’t necessarily be searching for us.  Like Wisdom we might have to initiate the search for people who need Jesus and that’s alright.  If we are truly following after Him we will have him on our side ready to assist us like I’ve already pointed out numerous times this summer.

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