Honduras 2015 Day 7

Guest Blog written today by: Anita Shively & Kaitlyn Kempson

Today has been been an exceptional day. After our Bible stories, we had a few minutes to visit the church that our men worked so hard to build. As I sat and listened to the Women’s Bible study team, I was filled with gratitude that this pleasant building  that Ebenezer helped to build is providing shelter and a place of worship and God allowed us to partner in the process.  After lunch I helped with face painting.   No artistic talent in my genes, but those precious children didn’t care if it vaguely resembled a flower or a rainbow, they were so happy. Some of them wanted cat faces drawn on their faces and you would’t believe the line of customers I had.  I had a good time trying to communicate colors and figures.  I’m especially thankful for willing translators.  I am so thankful God has provided strength and health for me and I could serve with an awesome team.

Today has been a great day. When we got out the soccer balls, the kids were so excited to play with us.  I loved getting to play with and love on the kids.  The service tonight was amazing.  It was great getting to worship the Lord together with the people at the church in Limon.  I got the chance to share my testimony during the service. At first, I was a little nervous to get up and talk in front of everyone, but once I got up and began talking, I was relaxed.  I loved getting to share all that God has done in my life with everyone that was there.  I have had an amazing time and I am so glad I got the chance to come on this trip with such an amazing group of people.

* The Tuareg Cross was passed this morning from Gloria to “The Whole Team” and she asked Derinda to wear it today in honor of the way Gloria has seen Christ in the team members.





2 Comments on “Honduras 2015 Day 7

  1. I am so proud of both of these precious women and I am so thankful that God has provided the way for both of you go on this trip! I so wish I could be there with my Ebenezer team in Honduras! Nathan, thanks for all the blog updates. I can see God working in His global church. He gives us each the same Spirit and unifies us across cultures and barriers! ~Paige

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