Honduras 2015 Day 8

So, It’s 1:30am Eastern times (11:30pm in Honduras).  The clinic house is still buzzing with beyond-tired people packing up trunks, counting supplies, and taking invetory.  It’s been a phenominal week and we just completed our final day of clinics.  Just to give you a glimpse of this day so far we’ve:

  • Seen 221 patients
  • Led a woman’s Bible Study for about 50 women
  • Led two Children’s BIble Clubs
  • Served at a children’s lunch feeding program
  • Loved on 48 orphans
  • And led 27 people to Christ!

That’s not everything that happened today, but that’s a FULL day of wonderful ministry.  Though I’ve been trying to get other people to blog each day, tonight no one but me has a moment to stop and write.  As I sit for a second to write out a few of these thoughts, I’m watching Mrs. Anita (our wisest team member) still standing and helping clean the kitchen.  She inspires me to serve better.

We’ll blog more tomorrow when we arrive in Roatan, but know that we are all doing well and have had a great journey together.  Pray for safe travel tomorrow as we drive about 3 hours to the airport and fly over to Roatan.

* The Tuareg Cross was passed this morning from Derinda to Melissa Miller (our unsung hero of the Pharmacy)

Notes about these pics:

1. Derinda with Melissa passing the cross

2. Ethan with one of the men that accepted Christ

3. Jacob with one of our orphans who both had a birthday TODAY!

4. Jessica & Ashley with two of our last patients of the week (who are also two of our orphans)

5. Heath with his new little princess

6.  Our Honduras children!







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