Honduras 2015 Reflections

Alex – I was amazed at how the medical team was always in the right place at the right time to provide the medical needs just in time. God’s timing was perfect.

Ethan – My coolest experience was witnessing with Shane and getting to lead a person to the Lord at the clinic in Limon.

Jessica – The most precious part of this trip for me was to meet Carlos at the orphanage who I had been praying for all year. The hardest part was meeting the little girl eating lunch with her hands at the Dump. She was so much like Harper and it became real. It was hard to digest the reality of the poverty.
Tory and I came in 2012 to the interest meeting for the 2013 trip. We walked out of that meeting saying there was no way we could do it or afford it. Now this year I’m on the team and I know it was the Lord’s perfect timing. In a year when Tory isn’t home and we’re on one income, I’m beyond blessed and amazed at how the Lord put me on this team at just this time.

Johnny – I was so proud of the youth – especially their hard work on Friday at the construction project. It was great to see the students giving their all. I’d go again with them anytime.

Paul – It’s been a tough trip, but it’s been the best trip I’ve been on with the Honduras teams. I particularly love getting to see our students serve. This was by far the best. The impact of this trip was amazing. I love this team…these people

Ernie – This is my 17th trip. I’m always amazed at who the Lord leads on each of these trips. The other week I saw Kyle Hooss preach at Ebenezer. He was a Honduras alumni. That trip changed his life. I can’t wait to see how he uses this week’s trip to change your life.

Molly – The hardest part of the trip was the orphanage. I love them and it’s always hard to have just a little time with them. I always wish for more time. It’s a blessing that the team gets to see them year after year.

Charley – Women’s Ministry was amazing. It was shocking to see how passionate the ladies were about Jesus. I want that for our church too. Also, I would trade it all again to get to be with the kids at the orphanage again.

Camryn – We have so much, but we don’t worship Jesus like these Honduran churches do. They have so little, but worship as if they had everything they needed. I want that for our church and our youth.

Stella – The biggest impact of this trip was getting to serve with the youth. I loved seeing their love and passion for Christ. They breathed life into everything they touched. A joy to watch them lead in worship, be helping hands everywhere, and so very talented. Getting to have them serve with me in women’s ministry was amazing. The youth really made this trip – the best ever.

Dean – I’ve enjoyed working with everyone. But the thing I regret the most is not getting enough time with the youth. I loved working in the clinic, but miss getting to see the youth more. The time I was most impacted was getting to see Jessica tying the gospel bandanas on two little boys as she shared Christ with them. I got a glimpse in that moment of what was going on outside the medical clinics.

Derinda – We come to show God’s love through our service! We come to do medical clinics, children’s ministry, youth ministry, construction, optical and women’s ministry. But we do it all to tell them about Jesus and to share His love with others. That’s why the backs of our shirts have always said, “We come to show God’s love through our service.” (in Spanish) Through this process we also grow closer to God and as a team. These trips remind us what it means to be a church and serve the Lord.

Logan – The coolest part for me was getting to do the ultra sounds. Because that’s what I want to do as a career. The hardest part was seeing the woman who had recently had a miscarriage. Her struggles and depression over her loss impacted me deeply.

Kim – In all these trips it’s great to see how God uses all these individual team members working together to do so much good for so many.

Gloria – I want to thank God for this team. I don’t know how I ended up here. I wasn’t planning to ever return to Honduras, but the Lord allowed me to return again. I saw a woman this week that I’ve seen many times over the years who deeply wanted to have a child. Year after year she would come to the clinic hoping she was pregnant and for nine years she couldn’t have a child. This year she came in today to show me her child.
** Oh and I learned that ….”Up Town Funk” isn’t a religious song…even if it does say, “Hallelujah”

Leslie – I want to thank everyone who helped with the medical team. So many who helped me be creative in providing care for patients. I was so glad to be here.

Niki – This trip was far more physically demanding on me than last year. But this year I saw every day how God had a plan and purpose for each day. Thank you to the doctors for how well you worked together and with us to make it a great experience.

Mike – For me… I’m blessed. I got to come with my wife. This time I got to bring my son. I got to celebrate Jacob’s 18th birthday here. Thanks to Nathan for bringing the youth. I love what I get to do. As part part of the loading team, I loved getting to see a little bit of everything this week. From medical clinics to children’s ministry to even respiratory therapy. I wish I could done this as a teenager. My first trip seemed like a blur, but this year it was great to see and experience more.

Jacob – Last year I turned down coming to Honduras, and I was selfish about it. I wanted to spend my birthday at home. This trip was amazing. I’m not proud of who I was then and I’m glad that I came this year. There are no words to describe it. It was awesome.

Victoria – The hardest part for me was hearing the screams of the little girl who’s finger was infected and needed it fixed. It truly broke my heart. But then to see her better the next day helped me to be thankful for these doctors. We truly were able to help people. And we take for granted what we have and the medical care we can have at home

Colin – The best moment for me was seeing my friend at the orphanage. We’re the same age. I jumped off the van and we hugged each other at the gate. It was such a great moment seeing him again.

Heath – I’m the most blessed person. I thought I was here to lift trunks. But every day I got to experience so many things. To see God’s hands was amazing. The day I got to go up on the mountain with Trish across the extension bridge I saw the Lord. I don’t do heights and I wouldn’t normally do it – but we did. The little girl at the clinic that bit me at first, but then clung to me the rest of the day was something special. I got to experience so much and I’m blessed.

Trish – I ask God to show me what breaks His heart. The day we went to travel to the remote home visits on the mountain I saw God do so much in those moments.

Lisa – Thank you for being welcoming. Especially the medical staff. It was an amazing trip. It was a delight to get to know you and be welcomed by you. Thank you for your hard work and thank you for letting me worship along with you.

Melissa – One of my favorite things was getting to see shoe boxes. Seeing our shoe box be opened by the child we made it for was such a special moment for me.

Nathan – This was my third trip to Honduras and my second with students. I loved seeing the students do new things like construction and women’s ministry… and do it well. It was awesome. I loved seeing their talents at work for the Lord. To mature as leaders and take steps out in faith on their own and grow in the Lord. Last year I was nervous about how they would do, this year I was not nervous about them at all. I sat back and watched them bloom this year. They led and shared Christ boldly helping to lead 27 people to new life in Christ. I also loved seeing my wife lead the morning devotions.

Harry – I’m not eloquent with words, but I’d like to say – It’s been a fantastic trip and I can’t say thank you enough.

Claire – Last year we made tons of bracelets and I’m glad we didn’t have to make them again. But we saw a child at the orphanage still wearing his bracelet that we made. And it made me grateful that we did that last year (even though I didn’t like making them).

Ashley – One of the things we see here is how content people in Honduras are with what they have. We have such a skewed view of the world because we have so much. We look for God in the big ways, but we need to be looking for Him in the everyday moments. He is in it all! I pray we live with expectant hearts when we get home!
All joking aside the hose showers were awesome and the laughter we shared in every circumstance was such a blessing as we made relationships with one another that could only be formed in God’s timing— here in Honduras on mission for Him!

Teresa – I was struck by how content people are. One of the interpreters we had said he didn’t want to live in America, he was fine with where he was. He loved Honduras and he wants to work to live – not live to work like Americans.

Lea – It’s been hard to put this trip into words. I came worried about the heat. I initially came along to “watch after Camryn,” but I’m glad I came because it meant to so much to me. Seeing the children on the first day of clinic and seeing the little baby that we helped…helped me to begin to see my purpose and why I was really here. There are so many wonderful things I’ve witnessed on this trip that I will never forget. I want to try to be less busy when I get home so I can look more for where God is at work – like I’ve seen Him at work here. Thank you for letting me come to Honduras.

Jonathan – This trip was so much harder than last year. The days were longer and their were more Rx’s to fill. The biggest moment for me was the last day in Limon. we were getting low on some of the meds. The very last child who was see with malaria got the very last dose we had of chloroquine. God provided just what we needed. I was amazed.

Kaitlyn Kempson – Thank you for letting me come. Thank you for looking out for me. I wasn’t prepared with just two days notice. I thought I would get in the way and not have anything to do. But I wouldn’t have traded this experience for anything. I’m so glad the Lord let me be here.

Mindy – It’s been a long time since I’ve done hands on nursing. But it was like riding a bike. It came back quickly and it was great being able to see patients again. This was a great trip.

Turner – It was amazing to see the impact er have made on the people’s lives. In America we have so much, while here they are grateful for the littlest things. At Bellaire, as soon as we pulled up a little girl named Stephanie ran up and jumped in my arms. The children here just want people to love on them and care for them. Hose showers and non-flushing toilets isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Kelsey – Mrs Derinda always said to be flexible and remember that it won’t be the same as it was before. I was nervous at first because of new people coming and it just being different. But even though there were new people, this trip was amazing.

Rachel – I’m very grateful for all the people on this trip. I have never been more proud to be a part a team like this. It’s evident that God worked in all of our hearts this week, and I’m so glad that I was able to experience some amazing things with such an amazing group of people.

Frankie – it was a wonderful experience on this mission trip. I want to thank everyone for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful group and playing a role in changing some manly lives. I am going back home with a whole new perspective on life. Thank you all.

Anita – reflections on his last day bring to mind sweet faces of children waiting to get an El Cato painted on their faces, hugs from people I met last trip, beautiful mountains, laughter at David & Goliath story as the giant met his end, and time spent with this wonderful team. Thankful and blessed.

Nicole – this makes my third mission trip and it never gets old. I don’t get to see as much as others being the pharmacy – but on our second clinic day as soon as I stepped off the van, a little girl ran up up and wrapped her arms around my waist and would not let go. She knew we were there to help and love on them all. We take medical care and ministry so much for granted- most of us have more medicine in our medicine cabinets at home than these people can get in a year. It surely breaks my heart and humbles me and I very blessed to serve these content people who appreciate all you can do.

Kaitlin Streett- my favorite part of the mission trip has to be going to see the orphans for a second time. They remembered me and i remembered them. i feel like our connection got stronger because they see me coming back to see them and love on them. it hurt my heart to leave them because i feel like that connection got stronger. i want to keep on coming back every year to let them know someone loves them and cares about them, but even more that God loves them and thinks they are precious.

Chrissy – The part of this trip that touched me the most was doing the witnessing and handing out bibles to people. We saw so many people come to Christ on this trip and it was amazing to see how open their hearts were for the Lord. The have so little, so they want and need God in their lives. Here in America, we already have so much so I think people think they don’t need God because they already have it all. I was so impressed with the hearts in Honduras and I will never forget how willing they are to serve the Lord.

Jordan – This has truly been the best trip I’ve ever been on. I’ve never been prepared to see what the Lord has in store for our team. He showed up in bigger and better ways than I could ever imagine. Working with this team of 43 people of doctors, nurses and teenagers has been absolutely incredible, I could not be more proud of the way the teenagers showed their love for Jesus through their actions and hard work.

** The Tuareg Cross was passed on last time on our trip by Ashley to the entire loading team. But she asked Mike to wear it for them. Their hard work and organization made this trip run smoothly.

The Numbers:

  • Medical Clinics – 5
  • Total Patients Seen – 1068
  • Malaria Cases – 122
  • Prescriptions Filled – 3300+
  • Women’s Ministry Bible Studies – 5
  • Children’s Ministry Events – 5
  • Worship Services – 3
  • Constructions Projects – 1
  • Salvations – 27
  • One Hope – 1
  • One Faith -1
  • One God -1

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  1. Totally amazing! Thank you for sharing! 🙏😇

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  2. I have to stop after a few lines of each entry because tears are blinding. So proud of each of you and especially our youth. Can’t wait to see you all and hear more stories.

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