Jer. 23:9 – Jer. 33:22

Guest Blog written by: Molly Watkins

In Jeremiah 24, the Lord shows Jeremiah two different baskets of figs.  One basket contains good, ripe figs while the other basket had figs that were so bad no one would be able to eat them.  The Lord said the good figs were the people he loves and wanted to protect.  He would give them what they needed so they would know he was their God.  The bad figs, though, were the people who rejected him at the time. He was going to make them a curse to the world. He was going to send famines and plagues to them.

While I was in Honduras, I helped lead Bible stories to the children at the medical clinics.  One of the things our team did was show the salvation plan through food coloring and water.  Black was for sin, red was for Jesus’ blood, clear was for our clean hearts, green was for growth in Christ, and gold was for Heaven.  I always did the gold cup so when I told the children about Heaven I always recapped what the other cups meant.  I said that Heaven was a perfect place with streets made of gold and we have to accept Christ to get there, we can’t just live good lives.  We have to let Jesus’ blood clean us to make us perfect, we have to want a relationship with him.  So I relate a lot to what Jeremiah 24 is saying.  We have to be good figs and have hearts for the Lord in order to get the awesome reward of Heaven. God despises evil just like we despise rotten fruit; it smells awful and it’s not healthy for us.  So, as Christians, we want to eat the good fruit (God) and be healthy so that one day we will have the reward of being in Heaven and walking down those streets of gold with Jesus!

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