Zec. 11:1 – Mt. 4:25

Guest Blog written by: Jessica Brown

without delay.
at once.

i am not sure i have ever responded immediately.
i tend to mull things over.
consider my options.
weigh the pros and cons.

perhaps i’m a tad bit analytical.

i wish i could say it didn’t take me so long to make a decision.

He said to them, “Follow me, and I will turn you into fishers of people.”
matthew 4:19

a seemingly uncommon stranger approaches you.
where you are busy about your family business.
and challenges you to make a life-changing .
how would you respond?

if you are like me, you probably consider the opportunity.
perhaps you ask the advice of those around you.
maybe you text a couple of your closest friends.
or poll facebook or twitter or instagram for opinions.

they left their nets immediately and followed him.
matthew 4:19

what compelled two simple fishermen to drop everything they knew and follow someone they didn’t know?
without hesitation.
no questions.
no doubts.

their decision was immediate.
they readily walked away from the familiar and stepped into a ministry with the One who came to save.

isn’t the call the same of us today?
come follow me, He says.

for some, the decision is immediate.
and for others, like myself, the decision is weighed and pondered and put on-hold.
because following Christ always requires giving up our old life.
to live in complete surrender to Him.
what we gain by following Jesus’ call far outweighs the life we sacrifice to follow Him.

i just wish it hadn’t taken me so long to respond to His call.

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