Crash Album Release

IMG_3323I love seeing students worship the Lord.  Though I never pursued becoming a worship leader as a full-time ministry, I’ve always loved using my music background from high school and college to help fill needs in ministries where I’ve served.  One of the most fun parts of teaching students to lead worship is helping them record songs.  There is just something about recording music that helps them listen to each other better and work as a team to create great music.  The Crash Band album that we recorded this Christmas is the third worship album I’ve helped students produce and the first for Ebenezer.

At Christmas, twelve of us (both current and former band members) gathered in the old Youth House at Ebenezer to record five of our favorite songs.  I’m very grateful to the band, the church and to Mckelvie Wilder (our sound engineer) for making it possible to record, produce and duplicate this album.  These are cover songs – they are not our original material.  You can listen to them below, but you cannot save them to your devices.  We have paid for the licensing rights to make limited copies and we have those CD’s for sale in the Church Office.  Please consider buying a copy for $10.  All proceeds go to support the Youth Ministry of Ebenezer.


Holy Spirit


Here’s My Heart

Death Was Arrested

With Everything

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