For decades Ebenezer has taken an annual trip into the woods for a summer camping retreat.  It’s been called names like Deliverance and Survivor.  Sometimes these trips have included crazy games and competitions – and other times it’s just been a fun camping trip.  Youth Group trips and traditions change over time, but the purpose is always the same.  The purpose of a great youth ministry retreat is to get time away with students to give them the space they need to spend time alone with God.  Our lives are so fast and so full, that often we don’t leave space for the Lord.  I love serving churches that see the value in sending students and volunteers away on retreats.  It gives teenagers space to worship and see more clearly the glory of our risen Savior.  My prayer is that the things they learn while away on retreat will translate to making more time for the Lord when they’re home.  Whether we call it Survivor, Deliverance or Wildlife – the purpose is still the same: students…out in nature…enjoying Jesus together.  Check out the highlight video from this week’s trip to the Nolichucky and Green Rivers in Tennessee & North Carolina.

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