Thank You Mrs. Anita

I’ve been a youth pastor now for seventeen years and by many standards, that’s a lot of time in Student Ministry.  But imagine one person serving more than twice that long with teenagers.  Mrs. Anita Shively has been serving with the Youth Ministry of Ebenezer Baptist Church for over 40 years.  She has been teaching teenagers to follow Jesus longer than I’ve been alive.  There are thousands of people all across the world that have been touched by her life, her ministry and her witness to the power of Jesus.  I’m so thankful that she is my partner in ministry at Ebenezer.  I’m grateful that she loves my wife so well and I’m grateful that she is a bonus grandmother to our three boys.  They adore her.  They don’t just love her cooking or her smile, they love the way she loves them and the way she points them to Jesus.  So, tonight at our annual Sweetheart Banquet, we reminded Mrs. Anita that she is truly the Ebenezer Sweetheart.

Mrs. Anita, you are our sweetheart because Jesus is your sweetheart.  We love you and we’re grateful for your faithfulness to the Lord.  Thank you Mrs. Anita!  It’s hard to capture a lifetime of ministry in one video, but may this help you understand the love our church has for you and the countless lives you’ve touched.

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