Romans 4

Romans 4

In these last few chapters Paul has been trying to help his Jewish readers understand that their circumcision isn’t a badge of honor or some ticket to heaven. He continues in that conversation here in chapter four. Verse 10 & 11 remind us that circumcision wasn’t the way in which they were justified – but a symbol of their heart transformation. In the same way, my baptism isn’t a badge of honor. My baptism is not proof of my salvation. It’s an outward symbol of a heart transformation that already took place. It’s simply as a sign or a “seal” as verse 11 says in the NIV. As we see in verse 16, we are saved by faith – not by works. My baptism is not my salvation. Just as the Jews couldn’t hold their cicumcision over the heads of the Gentiles – neither can I hold growing up my entire life in a church over someone else’s head. We are all sinners who can be saved by the amazing grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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