Romans 16

Romans 16

If I were not reading this letter all the way through, it might be easy to skip over this chapter. In fact, the majority of this chapter is “just” Paul sending greetings to friends in the churches at Rome. Over half the chapter is dedicated to these greetings. It’s tempting to jump over it…but don’t. It’s in the way Paul sends greetings to these followers of Christ that we see his heart for the Church. He calls people by name and talks a bit about his relationship with them. Nearly thirty people are named as well as others in those house churches. Those churches, just like every church is filled with people. These people are all unique creations of God. They all are in deep need of Jesus and in need of relationship. Paul is taking time in this chapter to build them up and encourage them by sending these greetings. It’s just another beautiful reminder to me of how every person matters to God. The church isn’t the building – it’s the people of God.

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