1 Corinthians 16

1 Corinthians 16

I love how Paul ends this letter. So much of this chapter shows the value he put on relationships. He mentions a variety of other church leaders like Timothy, Apollos, Stephanas and others. Though Paul was one of the key leaders of the early church, he was also a friend and fellow believer. He spends time in the last chapter sending greetings to many in the church and giving instructions on how to best care for fellow ministers. This chapter is very conversational and I love it. It’s a great reminder that life transformation and the discipleship process happens in the context of the church and in relationships. May we never forget to spur one another on as friends and fellow believers to love each other well and serve our Savior together.

One other really cool aspect of this chapter is the first section. It’s awesome how Paul encourages the church to take collections to fund the mission work. I love that this is what we are reading as a student ministry on the day we take up and give our missions offering at camp for the work going on in East Asia. Thank you Lord for this reminder today. Use these funds given tonight to bring many in East Asia to yourself.

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