The Class of 2020



Today, didn’t happen “the way it’s always been,” but in some way it was more special than ever.  Today was Graduate Recognition for the Class of 2020 students at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  This was our 19th year celebrating graduates at the churches where Ashley and I serve.  Never have I been unable to shake a hand or give a hug to a graduating senior before today.  This COVID-19 has changed much in this season for us all.

Though we were unable to shake the hands of our graduates or host a graduation luncheon, there were many new things that helped make this graduation memorable.  Thank you to our church volunteers for making and delivering yard signs last week.  Thank you to our volunteers for making personalized face masks for all of our graduates.  Thank you to everyone who joined us in person or online to watch our graduates be recognized.  Though this was the most different recognition I’ve experienced in 19 years, it will now be the one I will never forget.  Sometimes change is a really good thing.  My prayer is that these students never forget this day and the weird things they had to do (like wearing face masks).  Maybe when they look back in ten or twenty years, they will remember it being a moment that made a huge impact in their faith.  Maybe they will look back and remember – that was the day that churches across America struggled to gather publicly.  …But my Ebenezer Church family did their best to gatherin personin a buildingin a face mask  …all to let me know I am loved by JESUS.  Congratulation Class of 2020!  We love you and your Savior loves you more than you’ll ever fully comprehend.

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