Luke’s Day of Salvation

An ice cream date to celebrate Luke’s Day of Salvation!

I will remember so many special days when I am old and grey…days like my day of salvation…March 6, 1988. My wedding…June 19, 1999. But there is something really special about the days my sons surrendered their lives to Jesus. Today IS that day for our youngest. I’m so thankful for the way Ashley not only taught Luke to read during these strange months of COVID, but led him in so many ways to trust his Heavenly Father. God is so good. Ashley and I had the privilege of sitting outside this afternoon at our picnic table and sharing the Good News of Jesus with Luke and watching him pray to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.

One Comment on “Luke’s Day of Salvation

  1. What a blessing to know that all 3 boys are secure in Christ Jesus! Your family is a real picture of living in the Spirit! Thanks for sharing this story! Merry Christmas 💗

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