Ellis is Born

Today is Friday, May 12th and we are home from the hospital with Ellis. He is our second precious one that God has blessed us with. He was 9lbs and 6oz and was 21in long. We are all settling into our new home and church in Spartanburg and involved in wonderful ministry at Morningside.

2 Comments on “Ellis is Born

  1. Hey Nate,
    Ellis is precious and in the picture looks just like Ashley…even Joseph commented on how their cheeks looked exactly alike. I hope we can come for a visit soon; thanks for keeping us updated.
    We are all doing great. Joseph has 4 more days of Middle School then its off to High School. He is playing baseball, catching this year. He is doing really well. He has done well in school this year, straight A’s and he is a Junior Scholar.
    Send more pictures when you can.
    Love y’all!
    The Threatts

  2. Hey Ashley, Nathan, & Anderson,
    We just Love Ellis has been born. We Will Keep all the time, weight, and date; we love so much. You will always be a part of our family. We hope to see ya soon.
    Allen, Debra, Carson & Adam

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