Mother’s Day

Sunday was great! It was a great day to praise God for the gift of our moms. This mother’s day we had even more reasons to celebrate with another son added to our family. We are blessed to have Anderson and Ellis. Anderson sang in the 11am worship at Morningside with the preschool choir (or should I say he stood there and looked cute). After worship we had both of our moms at our house for lunch. It was great to spend the afternoon with our family and enjoying holding Ellis. I am so grateful for Ashley – she is a great mom! God has gifted her for this powerful ministry of being the mom of our two boys. I’m also grateful for my mom and mother-in-law. They are always there for us – especially at times like this with a new one at home. Thanks moms!

2 Comments on “Mother’s Day

  1. Hey Nathan. I think Ellis looks like Ashley…he’s a cutie for sure! Happy Mother’s Day to Ashely. Please call us when visiting your mom in Columbia. Can’t wait to meet Ellis!

  2. Thanks for coming by!!! Ellis is precious!! Sorry Anderson didn’t get to come with you!! Tell him Granny Kat, Katie, Bobby and Hoppy love him very much!!! I think Ellis looks like Ashley too!!

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