Mission Tennessee Day 2-3

We’ll we’re half way through with our trip and things are going great. We’ve already covered the roof with paper and come close to finishing the ramp project. Our door-to-door outreach each day is going well and the weather is perfect. Everyone is doing great and no one is hurt (too badly). We’ve had a few close calls on the roof and we left Nic for a few minutes at the hotel by mistake – but other than that …ha ha…it’s all good! Tomorrow we’ll almost complete the work and we will be leading worship at a local church. Keep us in your prayers and we will see you soon. These are a few pictures from our work and our fun night tonight at the Ocoee river. PS – in case you’re keeping track – the cross was passed to Brittany from Katie before the trip and Brittany passed it to Tori to take to Tennesse. She passed it to Holly who passed to Edward and now to Chris.

One Comment on “Mission Tennessee Day 2-3

  1. This is Kibbe, I mean Ricky Bobby…

    We’re having a great time.

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