Mission Tennessee Day 4

What a wonderful day! We completed the church work site and have come very close to finishing the roofing site. The team is coming together – working well – and caring for each other. I am so excited that Steve Smith decided to stay through untill tomorrow. He has had a great time and gotten close to all of us. Tonight we went to worship with Elkmont Baptist. It was a very moving experience. We heard special music from the youth, adults, our women’s ensemble, men’s quartet, Amy Mobley, and our youth did the Agnus Dei skit. We heard testimonies from Janice and Tori before I brought the message for the service. “Surely the presence of the Lord was in that place…” (following the service – Chris passed the cross to Dr. Dan – a very touching moment)

One Comment on “Mission Tennessee Day 4

  1. Heh I’ve finally remembered to check out the blog! Now I’ve bookmarked it so I won’t forget it again. Can’t wait till next year!


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