What a Week!

We’ll it’s the last night of Fuge and we are heading home in the am. Sorry I haven’t been able to blog much this week…not much time. The students are doing great (aside from missing Tori). Yesterday was wild. Holly and I spent seven hours in an ER with Tori after her fall. But at least we got Zaxby’s (tori was excited). She is doing fine and is resting at home. The teenagers miss her and look forward to seeing her Sunday.

Tori, Crystal and Hunter formally redidecated their lives – but everyone of our teenagers has been changed in some way this week. None are returning the same as they left. Moms and Dads…please ask your teenager about what God has done in their life when they get home. Encourage them in their walk with Christ.

The hymn says, “I once was lost, but now I’m found.” That is so true! The cross we’ve been passing was lost Thursday and we searched for hours, but when we thought all hope was lost – it was found by another church group on Friday. It’s quite a story and we’ll share it when we get home. More than just a worldly possession, this cross has meant so much to these students and has become the symbol of their summer of growing in their walk with Christ and growing closer to one another. (I’m glad it’s coming home with us)

The cross was passed from Crystal to Cam to Colson (to the recreation field) to Hunter and now to Malcom.

One Comment on “What a Week!

  1. Hey. This blog is another great way for parents to find out whats happening in their teen’s life! Even though im not a parent, im happy that you post up here. The fuge trip was amazing. Thank you so much for taking us up there!

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