The Big Youth Thing

Why do we go to Carowinds in July? It’s hot, sticky, and just plain nasty outside. But students love it and the rides are great. More importantly SC Baptist do a great job at putting on a wonderful youth event. Casting Crowns was fantastic and Mark Hall brought the Gospel clearly to our students. In fact, eight of our youth rededicated their lives and Cam Connelly accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. Wow…now that’s worth a day in the blazing heat! What a summer we’ve had at Morningside. Two students have a brand new relationship with Christ and over a dozen others have rededicate their lives along with countless others who are walking closer with Christ.

(By the way…if you’re tracking the cross – Malcom gave it to Elise as we left Centrifuge and Elise gave it to Jordan at Carowinds. She will be the last to carry it this summer. Come to the Progressive Dinner Sunday Night the 30th to hear the full story of the journey of our cross.)

One Comment on “The Big Youth Thing

  1. Hey Nathan! Ashley sent me your blog and I agree…Casting Crowns did an excellent job in leading us in worship and bringing the gospel straight and simple…isn’t that the way it should always be? Blessings to you and your sweet family as it continues to grow. I am interested to hear about the journey of the cross )(hee hee)…sounds like you are enjoying your time at Morningside…I know they are blessed to have you and Ashley. Take care, Rhonda

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