Little Gamecock

This past Saturday we took Ellis to his first Carolina game (big brother stayed with Nana Rose). Ellis had a great time – but sure did want to get on the offensive line to help the team put up a better game against Georgia. We lost of course, but at least the tailgating food that Granna and Pop brought rocked! I can’t eat for a day after that good cookin’! Well…maybe next week Ellis can see a win against Wofford. Go Cocks!

3 Comments on “Little Gamecock

  1. He is precious and you guys look great! Maybe it’s time for Ellis (and Anderson, of course) to sample some beignets? Hmm…just a thought! Of course, you would have to bring Nana Rose with you as well!

  2. aww it was cute that u took ellis to his first game but come on ricky nate. take him to a game worth watchin…maybe one like CLEMSON! very sweet pic

  3. Maybe Nathan’s favorite part of the game was seeing Katie, Tyler, and Hoppy before the game tailgating. It was awesome getting to see you guys!

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