Morningside Preschool

Now that we’re in Spartanburg and serving at Morningside, we decided to put Anderson in preschool. He’s been there for about a month and he seems to be enjoying it. He has made some new friends and loves his teachers (Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Charlene). The other day they took school pictures and these were a couple of the best. Preschool is a great way for him to learn and especially learn to interact well with other kids. It’s also a great way to give mom a break for a few hours a day. Morningside does a great job with their preschool and we’re greatful that he can go! I better go – I actually have to pick him up from school in 15min…I’ll blog again soon.

One Comment on “Morningside Preschool

  1. hey nathan! those pictures of anderson is so cute! ttyl(talk to ya l8ter) bye!

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