Rally in the Valley

As a Gamecock fan, it pains me to be in Clemson for game day. However, I took a group of guys from our church to the “Rally in the Valley” yesterday and it was great! The FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) held its annual state rally for youth. We had 22 go and they all had a blast. It was great to spend time with each other (just being with the guys). We tailgated, went to the rally (worship service), and then went to the game. We left at the beginning of the 4th quarter after Clemson was up 51 – 0. I kid you not – in the time it took me to walk down to the concession stand, get a hot dog and get back up, Clemson had scored three touch downs. It was a great event and I loved my picture with one of our best Clemson fans (CJ Holcombe) who’s dad by the way works at Carolina. Ha Ha. Got to love family rivalry.

One Comment on “Rally in the Valley

  1. if they had played a real team then i wouldnt mind putting up with all the nonstop bragging but now they wont shut up 😉 😛

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