Celebrating Birthdays

Well, I can’t let the day come to a close without writing about two of my favorite people. Today is the birthday of my beautiful wife and oldest son. Ashley and Anderson get to share their birthdays. Ashley is 29 and Anderson is 3 (It’s still safe to say Ashley’s age – I think). The day has been wonderful! We woke up singing the birthday song and then Anderson was off to preschool. Later in the morning we had a little party for Anderson with his class and it was great. Cookies and icing everywhere. After school we had lunch as a family at Ruby Tuesdays to celebrate and give mom her presents. Then, even though it was a church night Ashley and I got to go to a great movie (Facing the Giants) with the church. It was a church-wide event. We got to leave the boys with the nursery – but we traded the two of them for the 30-40 teenagers who went with us. We had over 125 at the movie. Overall it was an awesome day and I’m so grateful God has blessed me with Ashley, Anderson and Ellis.

One Comment on “Celebrating Birthdays

  1. Happy late birthday Ashley and Anderson! Man, Ashley, I didn’t realize you were getting old…wait, you aren’t old- Nathan is older! HA! Anyway, just kidding! Love you guys and maybe we can see each other soon!

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