What a weekend this has been! I am so grateful to each teenager and adult who helped with Christmas in Action. Our team cleaned, re-roofed, and painted Mrs. Fanny Sterling’s house in two days. This is amazing and only God can get the glory for it. With a small team – great things were accomplished in the name of Christ. You truly impacted this woman’s life and the neighbors living around her.

To top off all that God did through the Youth Ministry this weekend – He showed off again – just because He can by blowing the doors off of our Sunday School High Attendance Day. It was awesome! I have to admit I doubted making our 75 person goal (even counting our teachers). We had 78 students and 95 total people (including volunteers). Filling eight rows with students in worship was amazing – not because of the numbers – but because there were more voices praising God and hearing the Truth of His Word.

Thank you to all the students and teachers who helped make it a success. Special thanks to Derrick and Holly. Thank you Holly, for the music (God has given you an amazing talent even without a voice this weekend). Thank you Derrick, for coming home this weekend and taking your time to be with the students. God bless you and your ministry. If you would like to email a thank you to Derrick, you can reach him at his seminary email – dsmith8@gcts.edu

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