Good Friends

This past Saturday night I had the privilege of seeing some good friends from Lancaster. Spartan High played Lancaster in a makeup game on Saturday night. Tyler Outen, one of my youth from FBC Lancaster is the center for LHS and Lauren Taylor is one of the cheerleaders. Katie, Christy, Kathy, Becky and Gary came as well to cheer on the team. It was an awesome night. It was great to see you all – but kinda strange seeing youth from my previous church playing against youth from Morningside. Who do you cheer for in that situation? (Well, I guess someone had to win – sorry LHS). My Lancaster friends are dear to my heart and I love you a lot. I’m looking forward to seeing what God continues to do in your lives. God bless you all!
(ps – Where’s the scrapbook, Katie?)

2 Comments on “Good Friends

  1. Nathan Neighbors, be patient with the scrapbook. I will finish it eventually, I promise. It was great getting to see you at the game. Hope you are feeling lots better!

  2. It was great to see you at the game!! And umm… I still havent written for my page… because i miss you!! hope everything is going well!!

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