Panama Echoes

What a week! Panama Spring Break 2007 was fabulous. God did amazing things in the lives of our group. Each of us learned about the HERO God has called us all to be. We so much from God’s Word. We learned things like the importance of being obedient like Mary and Joseph and the importance of giving up everything for our Savior and Lord like Stephen (the 1st martyr).

I am overwhelmed by the way God worked in the hearts and minds of all of our students and adults. There was not only beautiful weather in Panama Beach, but a beautiful spirit among our group.

Words cannot express my deep gratitude to all of our adults who helped make this possible. Thank you to Sherry, Andy, Holly, Ruth, Jack, Steve K, Kimberly, Jami, Steve S, Teri, Ashley, and of course our great bus driver Wayne! I was blown away by the way you all worked as a team and led these students to the feet of God. Your great sacrifices this week were all worth it!

Never stop being Heroes!

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