Pat Williams on Leadership

Today Morningside had the great privilege of having Pat Williams speak in both services.  Pat is a well know sports manager and has worked in both major league baseball and basketball.  He’s managed many pro teams and also speaks on leadership.  He currently lives in Orlando Florida, where he co-founded the Orlando Magic.  More than anything, he’s a man who loves the Lord with all of his heart.  These days he is a highly sought after speaker on leadership.  Here are just a few things I heard him say today about leadership during the message he delivered.  Check out his website for more info about him or to get one of the 26 books he has written. 

Seven Sides of Leadership…message by Pat Williams

  1. Vision – keeps you focused, keeps you fueled, helps you finish well
  2. Communicate Your Vision – communicate optimism, inspiration, motivation, talk about the vision often in front of people
  3. People Skill – be visible, be available, empower others, listen! It may not be a coincidence that “listen” and “silent” have the same letters just in a different order.
  4. Character Counts – don’t disqualify yourself because of your character, honesty, integrity, humility
  5. Competence  – must be good at what you do, need to be a good teacher, need to be a great learner
  6. Boldness – great leaders step up, don’t worry about others, be the boss
  7. Serving Heart – our greatest model is Jesus himself when he told us if we want to be great, we need to get up and serve other people.

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