Wateree Retreat

Family at the LakeIt’s been over a week since my last post because I’ve been on vacation with my family.  We’ve spent this past week staying at  Lake Wateree.  

Ashley’s grandparents have a house on the lake and it’s one of our favorite spots.  They were gracious to allow us to have it for the week at no cost.  It was a beautiful week.  The water was warm, the weather was great, and the view was spactacular.  But Ashley would say that the best part about this vacation was that there was no internet or cell phone coverage.  It was very relaxing and the opportunity I needed to do nothing but spend time with my wife and boys.  We spent everyday swimming, boating, feeding the ducks, and playing.  Anderson even fished a little.  During our trip we also got the opportunity to spend some time with our great friends from First Baptist in Lancaster because it’s so close to the lake.  It truly was a great vacation! 

Time away from ministry allowed me to renew my spirit and my connection with my family.  A connection that seems to get fuzzy in the blure of busy summer youth ministry.  But now I’m rested and ready to jump back into youth ministry for the fall.  I look forward to seeing all of our students this Sunday for worship and for the Fall Parent/Youth Luncheon where we will premiere the fall schedule of events and new discipleship series. 

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