Deutschland Day

At CheckPoint Charley in BerlinToday has been wonderful.  I guess I ought to say – the last two days have been wonderful.  When you cross over six time zones during a flight, the day seems to go on forever.  We arrived in Berlin, Germany (Deutshcland) today on 9/11 at around 8am which was 2am eastern time.  It was a long, but fantastic journey.  Ashley and I feel honored to be with this great team traveling on behalf of our Lord and Morningside Church.

Today we saw many sites including the remains of the Berlin Wall, Check Point Charley, The Brandenburg Gate, The Holocaust Memorial and many other wonderful places around the city.  We ate some authentic German food and then sacked out for a long nap before eating dinner.  Now I’m sitting in a litte Chinese restraunt (at what would be 4pm eastern time) getting WiFi for 2 Euros per hour of internet access (about $3). 

This is my first time traveling to Europe and spending that length of time on an airplane.  It was strange having my morning devotional time on both Monday and Tuesday morning on the same plane trip.  Students, I hope you are keeping up with your Experiencing God Bible Study.  I was struck by today’s lesson on John 5.  The idea that even Jesus could only do what the Father was doing is amazing.  As we are here in Poland and you are home in Spartanburg – may we both be looking for where God is at work and join Him in what he’s up to. 

God bless you all – keep praying for us!  We should be in Poland by mid day on Wednesday (your time).  Remember, I will be calling the students at mside at around 6:15pm eastern time at the church.  Talk to you then!

7 Comments on “Deutschland Day

  1. Nathan,

    I am glad to see that you, Asley, and the others made it safely. Remember, we are praying for you all and that God will lead you every step of the way! Talk to you tomorrow night.

    Soaring for Excellence!


  2. Nathan, hey, thanks for keeping everyone in touch with you all. Please tell Carol Story that I’m praying for her and ya’ll everyday. I told her I would. I’ve asked the Lord that you all may feel his presence, and know Him deeper . May God keep you all in his care. sandra

  3. Looks like it might be a little cooler in Berlin than Spartanburg. I noticed the long sleeves. Hope you had a restful night.

  4. Nathan- Can you tell Carol that her grandson has been praying for her trip to “the North Poland”? We looked it up ono the map and when he saw where it was, said, “I thought Mimi was going to take a bus to get there. They better be careful- that’s a lot of water!” Looking forward to more updates!
    thanks- csb

  5. We miss you Mom and Dad (Sam and Pam Copeland)! Glad to hear you finally got your luggage, although I KNOW Pam didn’t mind do a little shopping for new clothes last week. 🙂 Take care and we will see you home soon!


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