Wonderful Weekend

It’s been a great weekend.  Rally in the Valley was awesome.  Not only did the Tigers win, but the Gamecocks did too.  It was amazing.  But you know what’s better than that?  Four of our students made decisions for Christ.  Those decisions were more important than any win on a football field! 

Today was full of mixed emotions.  We had a wonderful Sunday School hour and worship time at church and then tonight we had a fabulous kick-off to our youth discipleship groups, but Ashley and I also had to say goodbye to our boys today.  They’ve gone to stay with their Pop and Granna for two weeks while Ashley and I are on the Poland Mission Trip.  We are excited about going, but sad about leaving our boys. 

Pray for us both and the rest of the team as we leave for Poland in the morning (Monday).  We will arrive in Berlin, Germany in the middle of the night Monday (Eastern Time).  I will try to update this blog as often as possible with info about the trip and our progress.  We look forward to God giving us safe travel and fruitful ministry during our trip.  Pray for us often!

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