Stretching in Szczecin

Today was our first full day in the town of Szczecin, Poland.  Sorry for the play on words, but we had the opportunity today to “stretch” our legs walking around “Szczecin” (pronounced “stretchen”).  Ashley and I, as well as other team members spent the morning walking around touring the town with an assistant pastor at the church.  We saw many beautiful buildings including an old castle.  We met up with Tony, Dan, and Pastor Gustaw for lunch at a great restaurant called Chrobry.  It was a great underground restaurant that is a former bomb shelter during the war and was probably catacombs or tunnels over a hundred years ago before that.  After lunch we walked across town to a tall tower for coffee and dessert on the 22nd floor of a restaurant called Cafe 22.  It has a great panoramic view of the city and gave us a better perspective of Szczecin.  If you click the link above you can see some of what we saw using their panoramic view on their website.


In the afternoon we met with leaders from the church to prepare for the marriage conference that will begin tomorrow. It’s good that we had that meeting because it helped clear up confusing items that happen through mistranslation.  After our afternoon meeting the mission team split into three different homes across town for dinner.


It’s been a good day and we’re all doing well.  We’re looking forward to beginning the conference tomorrow where we will see about 60 people.  Pray that we will allow God to work through us and that we wouldn’t minister in our own power, but that he would be glorified through using our weaknesses to minister to these people.  

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