Polish Marriage Retreat

Today we began the day by taking a tour of the underground tunnels that run throughout the city of Szczecin.  They were used during WWII as shelters for the civilians.  It was an amazing experience to see what people had to live in and through during the war.  What a horrible time it must have been.  To see these tunnels click here.


Tonight has by far been the best part of our time in Poland so far because  we began the Marriage Retreat with the church.  It’s being held at a conference center across town.  We had about 35-40 people attend tonight and look for more tomorrow.  The best part of the evening was that there were young couples and prospective couples in attendance.  It shows that the young people (20-30 year olds) are connecting with Christianity and the church here in this city.  We began with a meal (like all good Baptists would do) and then they led us in worship which you will see on the video clip below.  Following the singing, Dan and I did a humorous skit and then I spoke on communication in marriage and gave the couples the opportunity to talk with their spouses.  The language barrier was not as difficult as we had expected.  Thank you for praying for us about that issue.  It was wonderful to hear at the end of the evening all the things they were learning during our time of sharing.  We can’t wait until tomorrow for more sessions with the couples!  Keep praying for us.


One Comment on “Polish Marriage Retreat

  1. Hi, Nathan
    I am enjoying reading about the mission trip so much. Please tell the mission team “hello” for me and that I am praying for them each day. We miss you, but are so thankful for your ministry there.

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