Sunday in Szczecin

Today was a good Lord’s day.  We prayer walked through town on the way to worship at the Szczecin church which is meeting in a local school gym.  During the service, both Sam and Carol gave their testimonies and I preached the message. I spoke on the topic of missions.  Below is a video clip of some of the congregational singing.


After morning worship we headed out to various homes for lunch, which was another great experience – with lots to eat and more very hospitable families.  In the late afternoon, Sam, Pam, Dan, and I went to a town called Stargard to see a work that is going on in a mission church that is pastored by a man named Christian.  Pam and Dan gave their testimonies and I was called on to preach with about 30 seconds notice (As you can imagine I used the same sermon from the morning – good thing it was a different congregation).  

That evening Ashley and I decided to take twelve of the young adults (early to mid 20’s) from the Szczecin church out to eat for dessert.  We’ve grown close to them during our time here and they have many questions about their Christian walk and about marriage – so we thought it would be a good idea to spend more time with them and have a “young adult” fellowship.  I’m so glad we did because it was an awesome time of Christian fellowship and encouragement.  If these young adults are the future of the church in Szczecin – then it will grow strong and the Gospel will be spread wide in Poland.

3 Comments on “Sunday in Szczecin

  1. You are still in our prayers and we are enjoying reading about your trip. I am so glad Ashley got to go along with you and minister with you. We are celebrating another Gamecock win this weekend!!!! Stay safe. Love you both!!!!

  2. Please let the team know our love and prayers are with each of them, including you and Ashley of course! It is so wonderful to hear the day to day of the work you are doing there – the Lord’s energy is obvious in your posts! What blessings for all!

  3. Hey Nathan just wanted u 2 know that we are all praying for you and that I hope that u are having a GREAT time down there. It looks like they are a very spiritual group soo just we all luv ya and ttyl


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