Polish Marriage Retreat Day 2

Today we had our second day of the marriage retreat here in Poland and everything went well.  We had about 20 additional people come today for a total of between 50-60 people.  All of the seminars were fantastic.  Carol taught two sessions on the Bible in marriage and the home.  Dan and Sam taught two sessions on financial planning for couples and I taught seminars on conflict resolution.  Additionally, Tony, Flonnie, Ashley, Pam and I held a panel discussion time where they were able to ask questions and we were able to interact with them.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how deep some of the questioning got.  All in all the day was great and a success for the church here in Szczecin.


Tomorrow I will be preaching in the church service and Sam and Carol will be giving their testimonies.  Pray for us.  However, we will be in church while you’re sleeping because it will be 5:00am eastern time. So as Gustaw would say, “pray as you are mediating horizontally.”

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