NYWC Day 3

It’s noon and I’m sure everyone back home is rushing to Wades for lunch.  It’s not too different in Atlanta as I watch 5500 youth workers rush up three escalators from my vantage point at the digital lounge in the conference center.  The only difference between the two places is… I got the rare privilege of being led in worship by the David Crowder Band.  Wow!  They brought it and I was in awe of how God showed up in a “warehouse looking” convention center.

Students, I hope you had an awesome time at Morningside this morning.  Thanks Band and Bible Study leaders for being there to minister to our teenagers!

Ashley and I are heading out in the morning for home and look forward to seeing you all in church next week after Thanksgiving.  I will try to upload some the videos I have from our worship times hear soon.

p.s.  If any of you can help decorate the window downtown for Dickens this Tuesday – let me know.

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