A Dickens of an Outreach

Last night was an awesome youth outreach event.  The Creative Arts team of youth at Morningside did a window at Spartanburg’s Downtown “Dickens of a Christmas” event.  Each year the Arts Council puts on this event on main street to kick of the Christmas season.  It’s themed in a Charles Dickens – Victorian style and everyone dresses in period costumes.  There are tons of musicians (including our Handbell choirs), booths, carolers, food vendors, and scenes depicted in the storefront window.  Literally, thousands of people come downtown for the evening. 

This year we decorated a window to look like an old candy story at Christmas to depict the Legend of the Candy Cane.  We had teenagers in the window looking like the store keeper and children eating candy.  Outside the window a few of our students did periodic readings of the story for the children.  In addition, we handed out candy canes with the scriptures for what each part of the candy cane symbolized related to Christ.  Though we were there for three hours, we handed out all 1000 of our candy cane and flyers in 45min.  Wow!  After we ran out we started handing out candy we had in the window.  In the end, it was a great way to connect with the community and share the Good News of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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