Advent and the Neighbors

Today’s the first Sunday of Advent.  It’s a time to prepare our hearts for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  All across the world, churches are putting up decorations and lighting the 1st candle of the Advent wreath today.  We’re preparing in our home too.  This week we put up the tree, the stockings, the lights, and now the house is ready for Christmas.  All four of us are getting prepared to celebrate Christ’s birth.  But you know, it’s not too easy to get Christmas pictures made of preschoolers.  In fact, it’s usually pretty crazy at the Neighbors’ house at Christmas time with Anderson & Ellis. They’re always pulling on the ornaments and wrestling during picture time.  Remember the classic hymn, “Silent Night?”  I doubt it was a very silent or calm night with baby Jesus that first night in the manger.  It never is in our house, unless they’re “sleeping in heavenly peace.”  Here’s a little video we put together for you as a Christmas gift to our family, friends, and other folks who love our boys!  Merry Christmas. (by the way YouTube makes the video a little fuzzy)

6 Comments on “Advent and the Neighbors

  1. I love your video (and your precious family!) Give the boys a kiss for me and give Ashley a hug! Love, steph

  2. Thanks for lifting my holiday spirits!!! This is going to be your best Christmas ever!! The boys are at the perfect age!! Hold them and love them lots because before you know it, they will be 18!!!! Love you all!!!

  3. Thanks for the great video! Miss you guys alot! What fun it would be for all our preschoolers to play together 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  4. Thanks for sharing your video! I love it :). Looking forward to seeing you at Dana’s…

  5. Merry Christmas!
    Loved seeing you guys and those precious babies!! I am one of Nathan’s relatives way out there! He and the youngest have the family resemblance! The older one has a wonderful spirit!! Jean Mann is my Mom’s cousin. (You can figure it out! He He) It is good to see people in my family loving and serving God!! Looks like there is a lot going on at your church! Praise God! I am not a youth pastor, but I do minister to youth in the detention centers. God is good and serving Him gets more exciting everyday!
    This is the newest from our young people at Abundant Life Christian Centre:
    God is a Good God, He loves You, and He Wants to Bless You!
    Love from Cyndi

  6. You all look wonderful. We are looking forward to spending time with all four of you on the 26. Merry Christmas!

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