Student Day at Christmas

Today at Morningside was “Student Day at Christmas.”  It was an annual tradition that made it’s resurgence this year where the college and seminary students help lead worship.  Everyone did an awesome job and I appreciate all of our student worship leaders.  Thanks to Mark, Andy, Holly, Rick, Edward, Amy, Hudson, Lindzey, Molly, Tad, and of course Betsy for allowing God to use you to bring His message to the congregation!  Also, thanks to Steve, Kimberly, Kelli, and Will for faithfully leading our College Ministry!  Props go out to McKelvie and Ralph for running sound and Paula for the organ bells!  God was truly honored today and everyone did a great job leading the congregation to the feet of Jesus as we worshiped Him on this Sunday after Christmas. 

As Betsy reminded us today, let Christmas continue to be celebrated in your heart over the coming week as we approach Epiphany!  May we continue to seek the One the wise men sought after thousands of years ago.  May we always be open to what God is doing around us and the ways in which He’s working in our midst – even in uncommon ways.  God bless you all and have a Happy New Year. 

We’re off tomorrow morning to West Virginia with 30 high school and college students to ski over the New Year’s Holiday.  Pray I don’t break anything! 

One Comment on “Student Day at Christmas

  1. Happy New Year!!! Have a wonderful, safe time on your trip! Don’t break a leg!!! Love, MOM

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