New Year’s Ski Trip

Group Picture at WinterplaceThese past few days we’ve been in West Virginia skiing with our high school and college students at Winterplace Ski Resort.  It was an awesome time and no one had any injuries (I even made it down a few times without falling too much).  However, most of us woke up this morning feeling pretty sore.  It was good weather and a great time for skiing.  It would have been perfect where it not for the snow-blowers going full speed turning us into human popsicles as we skied past them.  But, without the blowers their wouldn’t have been any skiing, so I guess we can’t complain.  Thanks to all our chaperons who helped make this trip a success.  Thank you Steve, Kimberly, Jack, Ruth Ann, Ashley, and of course David who drove the bus.  Students, have a great start to your new semester and God bless you has you begin 2008 with your new commitments to Christ.

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