Monday in Edisto

It’s 7:40am, cloudy and cold.  Doesn’t really feel like spring break, but our retreat is going well.  Everyone is doing great and the houses we’re staying in are awesome.  We had dinner, worship, and Bible study last night at the Edisto Baptist Church.  Yesterday we actually had a few get in the ocean (I got in to my knees).  Today we’re hoping for better weather and a great day of recreation, Bible study and fun.  I hope everyone is doing great back in Spartanburg.  You’re students are just fine – just a little sleepy at this point.  Continue to pray for our students as they dive into God’s word today and learn more about the purity that God desires for them to have. 

2 Comments on “Monday in Edisto

  1. Hope you have a great week and that the weather improves!!! Nothing worse than being at the beach and having sorry weather!!!

  2. I hope ya’ll have a great week! I’ll be praying for you and all the youth! If you ask me, a cold day at the beach is better than a warm day at home!

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