Edisto Day 2

Yesterday was our second day at Edisto Beach.  We decided to switch our schedule around because of weather.  It was cooler and overcast yesterday so we spent the day in the Charleston Market and at the Aquarium.  We also took the students to the Mall (always a crowd favorite).  We switched days hoping to give the students their best chance for some good beach weather today (Tuesday) and I think we made the right decision because the high today will be 75.  Yesterday we did Bible studies on guarding our heart and making sure what comes out of our mouths is also pure.  Today we will wrap up our series with two Bible studies on making the decision to live sexually pure lives.  We will also give the students opportunities to commit to a lifetime of purity including sexual abstinence until marriage.  Tonight, our pastor, Dr. Neely will join us to perform a True Love Waits Commitment Ceremony on the beach where the students will receive rings to symbolize their commitment to purity.  Pray for our students today as they make this very important commitment.

One Comment on “Edisto Day 2

  1. nathan & ashley,
    praying for you guys and the youth this week. i pray the commitments made tonight will be real. both jay and i remember making the same commitment as youth. we did not know then how important that decision was to our marriage today. we enjoy a strong marriage ( but it requires work), but we have the confidence that we have only given ourselves to one another. the wait is so so worth the reward. can’t wait to talk with you guys when you get back home.

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