A Pink Haze

What a wonderful Sunday!  Today was our Spring Festival at Morningside.  It was a first for our church, but it was awesome.  Our youth sponsored an outdoor festival for the children of the church an community as a fundraiser for the teenagers.  Will and Kris Amusements provided all the rides and carnival snacks and it was a good success.  In the midst of all the coordination – making sure all of our students were serving, I turned around to find Anderson in a haze of pink cotton candy spinning around on one of the rides.  It was a great day for Anderson and Ellis too.  They ate so much cotton candy and snow-cones.  It was a good time for me to be doing ministry, but be able to spend some time playing with the boys too.  I think they will totally crash tonight (at least that’s what Ashley and I hope). 

I can’t thank Will, Kelli, and Kris Kirksey enough for all they did to make this festival possible.  In addition, thank you to all 50 of you who volunteered and served so well.  It was a beautiful day and a great way to connect with our church family, our community and help our students pay for their summer mission trip and camp.   

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